Based in Cape Town, South Africa

Tel: + 27 21 761 2148


I am a retired International Known Egg Donor and “DNA mom” to 7 International donor babies from California, New York, Malaysia and Brisbane.

 I have been working with egg donors and assisting couples with their search to find suitable egg donor matches for the last 4 years. I have personally managed and coordinated over 140 egg donor cycles. I have a passion for this field and will constantly strive to offer compassionate and professional support to both Known Donors and Intending Parents alike.

Having been in this industry for some time already, I have learnt that education is key and by providing all those involved with as much information as possible everyone can comfortably make informed choices, and thereby work together harmoniously to achieve a positive outcome.



Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


My main role as Recipient Cycle Support Liaison is to make sure that our Intending Parents (Recipients) get all the information that they need to have a smooth and pleasant experience as they go through the emotional journey of their fertility treatments in preparation to receive their precious gifts of life from our Known Donors.

I will be there to answer all of your questions regarding the Recipient side of the Donor Cycle. I will be available to you from your very first contact with us, throughout the Donor Cycle, while your Known Donor is in Brisbane as well as supporting you and guiding you up to the end of your 1st trimester. My support includes answering all of your questions on the phone, over Skype, a coffee chat and responding to your email queries. I will also offer advice and suggestions on whatever you may need.

In short, this is the story of my own IVF struggles and why I have joined Known Egg Donors so that I can help other Intending Parents like myself:

At the age of 28, I was advised that I had a low egg count (<1.1pmol) and the chances of me naturally falling pregnant were unlikely.

I was advised to give IVF a try, and so I did. I completed 3 IVF cycles and unfortunately they did not work due to the quality of my eggs.

My partner and I then decided our next step was to try Anonymous Donor Eggs overseas in Cambodia.
I completed 2 Embryo Transfers, whereby two high-quality embryos were transferred on each trip to Cambodia. Unfortunately none of the 4 embryos that had been transferred after the two attempts were successfully implanted. I honestly believed that my transfers were unsuccessful due to eating foreign foods, the long flights and additional stress on my body from being in a foreign country, compounded by the lack of a good family support system and not being able to be relaxed before my embryo transfer. These above factors could have altogether been avoided had my Embryo Transfers taken place in my home country.

I cannot fully express my relief when the opportunity arose for me to select a Known Donor through the Known Egg Donor Program. This would mean that the egg donor would do the travelling, fly over to Brisbane and I could then have my donor cycle take place right here in Australia. My Embryo Transfer was done in February 2016 and I am now excitedly due in November 2016 with my first baby.

I am able to explain first-hand the process that is needed for you to hopefully transition from an Intending to an Intended Parent like myself.

I look forward to being able to help you in offering you the best possible chance to fulfil your dream in completing your family.