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WHAT IS A Known Egg Donor?

Is a known egg donor right for me?

Known Egg Donor Process:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Known egg donor program inclusion

  • 4-6 Known Egg Donor Profiles
  • Case manager for your egg donor cycle
  • Detailed egg donor profile and family history
  • Egg Donation Agreement between intended parents and egg donor
  • Egg donor reservation upon deposit
  • Coordination of all Donor medical & Travel Arrangements
  • Agency fee
  • Out of Pocket Donor expenses while in Brisbane
  • Donor Medical screening
    (HIV,VDRL,HEP B, FSH, AMH, E2, Prolactin, LH, RH, OBGYN consultations)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Flights
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Donor Medication 11days
  • Legal fees
  • Donor Care and Cycle Support

about us

Known Egg Donors is the collaboration of knowledge and experience of a retired, International Egg Donor who has helped bring 7 bundles of joy to 4 families,
and who has to-date managed and co-ordinated over 140 International Egg Donor Cycles.

Now with the experience of a fellow Intending Mother who personally exhausted all IVF options in Australia (3 failed IVF cycles with her own eggs and 2 failed ET with donor eggs overseas) Known Egg Donors can fully assist Intending Parents navigate the path to parenthood, with compassion and understanding. With the help of an International Known Egg Donor who would complete the donor cycle in Brisbane, Intending Parents have the best opportunity to complete their family without the stresses and discomfort of international travel.

With one in six couples in Australia facing infertility struggles and with egg donor waiting lists as long as 6 years for some couples, Known Egg Donors is here to offer a reliable alternative with a much shorter waiting list; helping you source a suitable Known Donor when you decide the time is right.

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Genevieve Uys

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Coordinator
I am a retired International Known
Egg Donor and “DNA mom” to 7 International donor babies from California, New York, Malaysia and Brisbane. I have been working with
egg donors… read more
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Rebekah Border

Egg Donor and Intending Parent Cycle Support Liaison
My main role as Recipient Cycle Support Liaison is to make sure that our Intending Parents (Recipients) get all the information that they need to have a smooth and pleasant experience as they go through the emotional journey … read more


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